On January 28, I blogged about the Church’s new online volunteer tool, The Vineyard. The Vineyard team asked members of the Church to help complete more than 3,000 publication tasks online. These tasks included matching paragraphs and identifying page breaks for archived issues of the Ensign. Emily Jensen also wrote about this goal in MormonTimes.

As of today, The Vineyard team happily announced that over 8,000 tasks were completed! This amazing accomplishment was achieved only because faithful members all over the world generously offered their time and talents to The Vineyard (vineyard.lds.org).

The Vineyard team expresses its sincere appreciation to all the folks who donated so much time and energy on the publication tasks. Thank you! Stay tuned for updates and new opportunities to be post on The Vineyard.

To serve now visit vineyard.lds.org. Next week, I’ll tell you about an exciting opportunity to help with translation.

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