About my rant the other day on being a new missionary mom... I did FINALLY hear from my son later that afternoon. Sigh of relief. I thought it was only fair that I provide an update after embarrassing myself! 

Any parent who's raised teenagers can attest to the fact that being unselfish is a difficult concept for them to develop.  I'm not saying that they're bad kids because of this, I'm just saying.  Selfishness seems to be a right of passage for many teens.  It's pretty much a way of life for most.  Fortunately, as part of the plan, most of them do grow out of it.  That's why one particular comment in my sons email home, touched my heart deeply...

Near the close of his letter, after he shared some of the experiences he'd had over the past week, he said:

"I really miss my life but I feel good with what I'm doing. It's nice to be selfless."

Needless to say, but for this stressed out mom -- the wait for his letter was more than worth it, just to hear those simple words.

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You can read a few excerpts from Elder Skaggs' email HERE.

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