Yo! it' me, on a lazy saturday here at home -- doing nothin.  Not sayin there's nothin i shouldn't be doin, but i'm choosin not to be a doin -- just a lazy day for this Well Behaved Mormon Woman!

confessed my laziness on facebook this mornin.  out of the blue i inspired my nephew "Robster" to create a rap -- in honor of this blessed occasion!  left it as a comment.

fyi: started out my day thinkin i might blog about byu honor code and  brandon davies.  decided that was done over, already.  wish i could just wrap my arms around that kid and have a talk about policies and doctrine.  oh well.

then i thought abt commenting on this article in wp about  a woman's place is in the home -- seriously? i don't know where to begin.  cuz frankly,  i'm speechless.   still, i may be compelled.

and of course after yesterday's post on homosexuality and a gay gene, i have lots to say, still!

so Robster, you made me laugh -  you made me smile.  even insired me -- kind of.   and so i decided to post your rap here so i would have it 4ever in memorial!  cuz hey, it's not daily that i can brag i've inspired someone to create somethin great -- especially on my laziest of days.

Lazy Saturday Rap

Lazy Saturday, wake up in the late afternoon.
Call up Aunt K just to see how she’s doin.
What up, Kathy?
Yo Robster, whats crackin?
...You thinking what Im thinkin?
Man, its happenin.

Yo, Kat where you be bloggin?
In Murrieta Dude .
Well, I’ll hit up Yahoo Maps to find the dopest route.
I prefer Map Quest.
Thats a good one, too.
Google Maps is the best.
True that.

Before we hit the keyboards, my hunger pains are stormin’
Need some wicked good snacks from a Well-Behaved Mormon
Don’t want the copycats to get suspicious
But Grandma’s home-made rolls equals CRAZY DELICIOUS!

It’s all about the recipe baby!

so my fb status reminded my nephew of this SNL song/skit Lazy Sunday:

and now, back to my previously scheduled lazy saturday.


Grandma Skaggs Homemade Roll Recipe
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