I don’t get the chance to go to the temple very often.  Where we live, one must make a several hour drive both ways to attend.  In my season of life, with four kids, we just don’t go often enough.  That is our excuse anyway.

We do have some friends who live close by who now are temple workers.  So they go to the temple every other weekend.  I offered to pay for gas if I could tag along with them this weekend, and they were good enough to take me along.

Because they work at the temple, they were going to have to stay there all day before coming home.  This meant we would be gone from 7 in the morning till 10 at night.  This was fine with me, I have been down for quite a while, and I felt I could use the time.

My plan was to do an endowment session, and hang out in the Celestial room of the Chicago Temple for as long as it took to get some answers and feel better.  I was mentally prepared to wrestle with the Lord for four or five hours if I had to.

So when I got into the Celestial room, I found a chair and commenced to praying.  Vague, general answers and good feelings came right away.  In about 2 minutes I was back.  All was well.  Everything would be fine.  He said so.

So now what?  A few more endowment sessions?  Sealings?  Initiatories?  Lunch?  I was ready to move on to something.  It was all good.

So why did the temple, and my being there, have more …. juice?   I am not sure, but I drank the Kool-Aid and it was good.

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