The June 2011 Ensign is now available. One of the articles is called, "Building on a Sure Foundation" by Joshua J. Perkey.

The article contains a clear and succinct definition of "moral relativism."
. . . what one person believes to be true is just as valid as what someone else believes to be true, even if those beliefs differ in fundamental ways. In this philosophy, as I understand it, there are no eternal principles true for everyone, just personal viewpoints that intelligent people have the right and obligation to determine are true for themselves.
I addressed moral relativism in a prior post, but I wanted to underscore the above quote. Perkey suggests that his youthful moral relativism was the biggest impediment he faced in believing what the missionaries taught him.
I know that when the prophet speaks, his words are from God. When circumstances arise that challenge my testimony, I trust in the witness I have already received, and then I do my best to live by it. That is the road to peace; that is the way of happiness.
Moral absolutism as contained in the gospel of Jesus Christ IS the sure foundation. 

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