The new calendar on continues to evolve, and several new features are scheduled to be released this summer. This article highlights a few key features of this new tool. There are four roles associated with the online calendar:

Member or subscriber: By default, members will see all ward and stake events on their calendar. However, the calendar tool allows them to customize their calendar to show only those events that apply to their family. For example, one person may choose to see “stake activities and elders quorum, Relief Society, and Primary events on their calendar, while another person may choose to see only ward activities and high priests group events.

Editor: The new calendar makes it easier to schedule events and to automatically schedule the building resources needed for that event. Editors may create and edit events on the calendars they manage without approval from the ward or stake website administrator.

Building scheduler: Under the direction of the agent bishop or stake president, building schedulers can choose how much control they want over the scheduling of buildings, rooms, and other resources through the “Assignments” feature. However, the building scheduler will still need to help ensure that scheduling conflicts are handled appropriately and that enough time is allowed between events for setting up and taking down.

Administrator: To help avoid confusion during the transition from the classic calendar tool to the new calendar tool, stake website administrators can remove access to the classic version of the calendar. To do this, administrators can log into the classic stake and ward website system, navigate to the Administrator Options panel, click Use new calendar/directory, and follow the instructions on that page. When administrators enable this option, members of their stake will be forwarded to the new calendar (and directory) whenever they attempt to access the classic versions.

For more information about the calendar, see “Introduction to the Calendar” on

Note: This information was taken from the Meetinghouse Technologies newsletter for June 2011. If you want to get this kind of information regularly, you can sign up to receive the newsletter on your LDS Account subscription page.

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