Spanish and Portuguese speakers can now listen to content from the Liahona magazine online in their own language.

Beginning with the June 2011 issue, audio of all of the material printed in the Spanish and Portuguese versions of the Liahona will be recorded and posted online monthly. Audio versions in other languages are under consideration.

The Liahona is the international magazine for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is printed in up to 52 languages.

How to access the Liahona:

  • Subscribe to the Liahona to have the printed version delivered to you.
  • Read it online by going to, selecting a month, then using the option to “Select Another Language” on the right side of the page. (You can also access the Liahona through the language pages at
  • Listen to the audio in English, Spanish, and Portuguese by going to, selecting a month, then clicking the MP3 icon in the “Listen” column. (You can display the entire in Spanish and Portuguese by clicking ”Languages” in the upper right corner of the site.)
  • Receive updates about the Liahona by “Liking” the Liahona magazine’s page on Facebook (

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