I was thinking about what picture I could put with my previous post on the resurrection and for some reason I got a sudden impression to look at butterflies. And as I looked at these pictures of butterflies, the realization wacked me on the head that here was a creature whose life cycle is a witness to us of the resurrection.

Caterpillar = mortality (Caterpillars are pretty much earthbound creatures)

Cocoon = death and the grave (The inert cocoon certainly resembles something dead. It's like a little hanging shroud or a little tomb.)

Butterfly = glorious resurrection (The butterfly isn’t earthbound as it was as a caterpillar. It’s wings give it greater powers than it ever had before. It also is more beautiful and glorious than a caterpillar.)

Why do we use Easter bunnies and eggs to celebrate the resurrection of Christ? We should be using butterflies!

Image #1 Copyright Dan L. Perlman, EcoLibrary.org, http://ecolibrary.org/page/DP91

Image #2 Copyright Dan L. Perlman, EcoLibrary.org,

Image #3 Scenic Reflections, http://www.scenicreflections.com/media/276296/Blue_Morpho_Butterfly_Wallpaper/

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