As I struggle with the blindness of some ministers and their followers who condemn Mormons as non-Christians because we allegedly require "works" like following Christ and trying to do the things He taught, I'd like to suggest they step back and consider prayer. Before launching into the same old arguments about how we are not-saved since we think that our works can influence our salvation, or that any human action could possibly influence God's granting of grace to us, why not think about prayer first as a model? In prayer, we do something, turning to God in faith, requesting guidance and blessings sometimes. And He responds. He answers prayers. Maybe not the way we want sometimes, but millions of Christians have experienced the reality of prayer.

Through prayer, we may receive blessings from God--through grace--that He wants to give us, but might not have if we didn't seek and ask. Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be given unto you. Asking and receiving is part of the Christian experience. Accessing grace that is made available with conditions--asking, seeking, exercising faith--does not destroy the concept of grace. It's inherent to it. We access the gift of grace by seeking to keep God's commandments and follow Him in faith. We don't earn salvation or anything else, but gladly receive the gifts of grace on the conditions God has created in His covenant of mercy. It's as simple as prayer.
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