Humor U is the largest comedy club between New York and Los Angeles, and the cleanest in the world. Humor U is made up of over two dozen stand-up comedians who are all BYU students or alumni.

Humor U performs over 40 shows a year and wins comedy competitions around the country and is featured in national television and YouTube commercials. It provides BYU students focused opportunities to develop the gift of humor through writing, rehearsing, and performing stand-up comedy. They produce a new show approximately every six weeks and then perform it multiple times in a given week.

Most Humor U shows feature 12 comedians performing original stand-up comedy. All shows are for family audiences. All performers are BYU students or alumni who volunteer their time and talents without compensation or class credit.

One of the comedians is Stephen Jones, the man in the promo video “New Spice Video: Study Like a Scholar” created for the BYU Harold B. Lee Library. The video has been viewed nearly 3 million times! It’s hilarious.

My favorite among the comedians who have clips online is Devan Butler. Here’s a “best of Devan Butler.”

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What other clean comedians do you enjoy?

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