My wife and I just began the best calling ever. We were called as co-chairs of our District's Single Adult Committee. We get to work together and travel together to help LDS single adults in several parts of China, including a sizable group of young single adults (ages 18-30), many of whom are here in Shanghai. Is there a better calling than this anywhere? Honest, no bribes were involved (here I am defining bribes as "cash" and not, say, a bright red 2012 Ducati Streetfighter motorcycle with programmable GlowZone-3 LED accent lights).

Last night we attended the Shanghai baptism of an amazing 19-year-old young man who is our newest young single adult, a bold and intelligent young man who is the only member in his classy and supportive family. We learned more of his story today in the single adult Sunday School class that I got to teach. After Church we had many of the young single adults over for dinner and chatting. What an awesome group of young people. What a blessing it has been already to associate with them. They are at such an interesting and critical stage of their lives now, all having a major adventure with us here in China.

Our calling will take us to some other cities soon to meet with other single adults to better understand their needs and help them out. We'll also need to help plan activities and do other things for them. Suggestions? Any of you done this at the Stake or District level before? Or unit level? I'd like to hear your thoughts about how the Church can better meet the needs of single adults, young and beyond, and what things we should keep in mind, make sure to do, or be sure to avoid. We're complete novices but already love the calling and feel so grateful for it.
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