The Saturday afternoon session of the April 2012 General Conference brought with it plenty of Church business with, among other positions, the release and call of the Presiding Bishopric and the General Relief Society Presidency. On the lighter side, the Internet was frantically trying to confirm rumors that David Archuletta was part of the MTC choir, singing during the session -- which he was -- made evident by snapshots taken by attendees, flying across cyberspace!

And then of course there was the long pause that Henry B. Eyring took, which had something to do with the timing of the teleprompter, from what I am told. Conference always has its unexpected surprises that we all love to chat about and in some odd way, bind us together. I love that about our Mormon culture.

Moving along to the reason we gather every six months for our worldwide General Conference, is the love that we have for Jesus Christ. Mormons believe that living prophets are on the earth, today, and that they are inspired of God, to convey His will to His children. We testify of this reality as we feel the Spirit bear witness of the truthfulness of their messages. I felt that witness time and time again throughout today's proceedings. I thrilled in the blessing and opportunity to broadcast these 'general conference gems', and in particular, to those who are not familiar with the words of our prophets.

As promised in my previous post, here is a collection of the inspired words or quotes, spoken by living prophets, broadcast throughout the world -- during the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference.

Jeffrey R. Holland - The Labourers in the Vineyard

"There are going to be times in our lives when someone else gets the unexpected blessing or receives some special recognition."

"We are not diminished when someone else is added upon."

"The race we are really in is the race against sin, and surely envy is one of the most universal of those."

"Envy is a mistake that just keeps on giving."

"Coveting, pouting, or tearing others down does not elevate your standing, nor does demeaning someone else improve your self-image."

"Be kind and be grateful that God is kind."

"The formula of faith is to hold on, work on, see it through and let the distress of earlier hours, real or imagined, fall away in the abundance of the final reward."

"This is a story about God's goodness. His patience and forgiveness, and the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ."

"It is not possible for you to sink lower than the infinite light of Christ's Atonement shines."

"There is no dream that in the unfolding of time and eternity cannot yet be realized." 

"I testify of the renewing power of God's love and the miracle of His grace."

"His concern is for the faith at which you finally arrive, not for the hour of the day in which you got there."

Robert D. Hales - Coming to Ourselves and Becoming Spiritually Self-Reliant

"Throughout our lives whether in times of darkness, challenge, sorrow or sin, we may feel the Holy Ghost reminding us that we are truly sons and daughters of a caring Heavenly Father who loves us and hunger for the sacred blessings that only He can provide."

"At these times we should strive to come to ourselves and come back into the light of our Savior's love."

"These blessings rightfully belong to all of Heavenly Father's children.

"As our spiritual desires increase we become spiritually self-reliant."

"We become converted and spiritually self-reliant as we prayerfully live our covenants…"

"I testify that the sacrament gives us the opportunity to come to ourselves and experience "a mighty change of heart" -- to remember who we are and what we most desire."

"Our desires to return to Heavenly Father's increase as we become worthy to obtain a temple recommend."  

"Worthiness to hold a temple recommend gives us strength to keep our temple covenants."

"As our desire to learn and live the gospel increase, we naturally seek to serve one another."

"As we act on desire and come to ourselves, we will be "encircled about eternally in the arms of His love."

Quentin L. Cook - In Tune to the Music of Faith

"Many who write about the Church have made a sincere effort to understand our people and our doctrine. They have been civil and have tried to be objective for which we are grateful."

Lehi's "vision starkly describes the challenges to faith that exist in our day and the great divide between those who live, worship and feel accountable to God and those who do not."

"There are those who are in tune to the music of faith. You know who you are. You love the Lord and His gospel and continuously try to live and share His message especially with your families. You are in harmony with the promptings of the Spirit, awaken to the power of God's word, have religious observances in your homes, and diligently try to live Christ-like lives as His disciples."

"We acknowledge that there are members who are less interested and less faithful to some of the Savior's teachings."

"Our desire is for these members to awaken fully to faith and increase their activity and commitment."

"Pres. Monson has specifically asked us to have the courage to refrain from judging others. He has also asked every faithful member to 'rescue' those who have tasted the gospel fruit and then have fallen away as well as those who have not yet found the strait and narrow path."

"The family is ordained of God. It is the most important unit in the and in eternity."

"Religious observance in the home bless our families. Example is particularly important."

"What we 'are' speaks so loudly that our children may not hear what we say."

"The message, ministry and Atonement of Jesus Christ, our Savior is our essential family curriculum. No scripture characterizes our faith better than 2 Nephi 25:26 ..."

"Faithful members must hold fast to the iron rod to keep them on the strait and narrow path leading to the tree of life. It is essential for members to read, ponder, and study the scriptures."

"The Book of Mormon is of seminal importance. There will, of course, always be those who underestimate the significance of or even disparage this sacred book."

"The essential doctrine of agency requires that a testimony of the restored gospel must be based on faith rather than external scientific proof. Obsessive focus on things not yet fully revealed…  will not be efficacious or yield spiritual progress." 

"I hope we are reading the Book of Mormon with our children regularly." 

"We know that family scripture study and Family Home Evenings are not always perfect. Regardless of the challenges you face, do not become discouraged."  

"Our doctrine is clear; we are to be positive and of good cheer. We emphasize our faith, not our fear. Regardless of the challenges you face, do not become discouraged."

Elder Richard G. Scott - How to Obtain Revelation and Inspiration for Your Personal Life

"The Holy Ghost communicates important information that we need to guide us in our mortal journey. When it is crisp and clear and essential, it warrants the title of revelation."

"One of the great lessons that each of us needs to learn is to ask. Why does the Lord want us to pray to Him and ask? Because that is how revelation is received."

"There are some principals and practices that enhance revelation…."

"Yielding to emotions such as anger or hurt or defensiveness will drive away the Holy Ghost."

"Loud, inappropriate laughter will offend the Spirit."

"Careful, quiet speech will favor the receipt of revelation."

"Exercise, reasonable amounts of sleep and good eating habits increase our ability to receive and understand revelation."

"Revelation can also be given in a dream when in an almost imperceptible transition from sleep to wakefulness."

"When it is for the Lord's purposes he can bring anything to our remembrance."

"Inspiration carefully recorded shows God that His communications are sacred to us. Recording will also enhance our ability to recall revelation."  

"One must ever be mentally and physically clean and have purity of intent so that the Lord can inspire."

"For spirituality to grow stronger and more available it must be planted in a righteousness environment."  

"Humility is fertile soil where spirituality grows and produces the fruit of inspiration to know what to do."

"When we are acting as instruments in behalf of others, we are more easily inspired than when we think only of ourselves."

"Our Father in Heaven did not put us on this earth to fail, but to succeed gloriously."

"Our obedience assures that when required we can qualify for divine power to accomplish an inspired objective."

"The more closely you follow divine guidance, the greater will be your happiness here and for eternity, moreover the more abundant your progress and capacity to serve."


Kathryn Skaggs


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