For the last few years, scientists and self-declared climate change experts have raised the clarion call, human-based carbon emissions are raising global temperatures! Through all of this I’ve thought, “Well, I am not an earth science expert, so who am I to argue with them?” Perhaps the earth is warming and perhaps manmade carbon emissions have something  to do with it. Yet I have never been able to completely set my skepticism aside. Something about global warming driven primarily by human carbon emissions didn’t add up. Recent scientific evidence supports my skepticism. (More on this evidence below.)

My concerns about manmade-driven global warming can be summed up
as follows. The earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling. Surely
advocates of manmade global warming will admit that the earth goes through
cycles of warming and cooling. It makes me wonder if they’ve seriously
considered whether the current warming trend is part of that cycle. Also, the
cause of cyclic earth temperatures is likely natural. Compared to today, there
weren’t many manmade emissions 100, 200, and 1000 years ago, and yet the earth warmed and cooled back then. If we accept that the earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling, then what caused the warming trends long ago? Greenhouse methane gases from flatulent cows and donkeys? As someone who grew up on a farm, I know firsthand how much smelly gas cows produce, but I don’t think so. 
If global warming, or climate change as they like to call it now, is not driven by manmade emissions, where is the harm in making a little mistake in theorizing that humans are causing temperatures to rise substantially? Is it really a big deal? Scientists make claims all the time that turn out to be false. Perhaps we should cut manmade global warming alarmists some slack and let them continue their work unabated. Well, I would be happy to let them go merrily about their research were it not for one BIG problem. That problem is global warming political activism. 

You see, global warming political activism has fueled troubling legislative proposals that seek to saddle energy producing industries with burdensome taxes, the same industries that power your home and electronic devices. Similar legislation has sought to fabricate a false energy economy centered on the buying and selling of carbon credits. And then there are troublesome proposals to regulate CO2, the very thing that you exhale. What will they think of next? Perhaps someone will come up with the idea to prevent climate change by reducing births. D’oh! It looks like someone at the United Nations beat me to this idea. (See last two paragraphs in this UN report.)

Now to that recent research showing that a great deal of global warming is not caused by humans. Hamish Pritchard, a glaciologist at the British Antarctic Survey, recently investigated glacial ice using NASA’s ice-gazing satellite. His research showed that melting glacial ice is not due primarily to rising surface temperatures. Rather, melting ice is caused by rising ocean temperatures. That’s right – warming over more than two-thirds of the earth’s surface is coming from below, not above. Scientists have welcomed Pritchard’s discovery. For example, NASA’s chief scientist Dr. Waleed Abdalati, an expert on glacial ice, said that this study is an important advance in understanding glacial ice melt. And Dr. Dave Collingridge who knows next to nothing about glacial ice melt, said that he hopes that this research will help people realize that our earth is constantly undergoing climate change, and that recent warming trends may be due in large part to natural, not manmade forces.

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