The Mormon Channel has begun a new series of programs called Tech Savvy, which provides a fresh look at the latest technology available, how to use it, what the Church is doing with it, and ways to use it for good.

Here are the first four programs that are available now to watch  online or download the video or audio to your mobile device and listen on the go. Each episode is about 30 minutes long. Stay tuned for more episodes to come.

  • All Things Apps: This program discusses helpful mobile apps, such as LDS Tools, Gospel Library, Mormon Channel, LDS Music, and many third-party apps as well. Some of the segments are broken up into separate short videos so, for example, you can reference just the segment about the LDS Music app.
  • Parenting in the Tech Age: This program discusses helpful tips that parents can use to keep up with their kids and teach them good ways to use technology. It discusses setting boundaries, understanding changes in communication, teaching your children to find good, and overcoming feelings of entitlement.
  • Blogging: This program talks about the basics of blogging and provides examples of powerful blogs. It also gives specifics helps on how to set up a blog, choosing the right words, and sharing who you are. It explains how to set up your profile on
  • All Things Internet: This program talks about all the ways you can use the Internet. Technology is everywhere. It’s no longer just a hobby for a few people; it’s a lifestyle. The program discusses how the Church is using the Internet, including the Mormon Channel, Mormon Messages, and the Vineyard.
  • Writing Tips for New Technology: This program with 4 segments discusses how to share the gospel through social media by choosing the right words. Successful bloggers share writing tips and ideas on how to respond to negativity and how to show people who you are.
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