Time to share a few photos from recent adventures. The huge tree is in Singapore (Botanical Garden), as is the fern-like plant in the last photo and the crabs. The other shots are from China, including a view from our apartment and other views mostly close to where we live, plus a rice farmer on Hainan and an egret near Hangzhou. The brooms--I've been noticing how interesting brooms and mops are in China--are in Ningbo. Finally, one image reminds me that people often talk about who is behind a mask, but rarely do we discuss who stands in front. In this case, it's 3 people who are changing the world, or at least major parts thereof. No unmasking needed. Oh, yes, and there was my little encounter with ultimate evil at Cafe 666 in Shanghai. I didn't try to eat there because I was confused by their payment options. They only accept Visa, Mastercard, and something called "the mark of the beast." Is that Paypal? Or maybe Farmville cash? Still puzzled.

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