I love Sundays.  I usually do not look forward to some of the extra meetings that I attend with my calling.  Even after early morning meetings that I was not particularly looking forward to, I almost always come away feeling enriched, blessed, and uplifted.

Since I have not been posting much lately, I think I will try to do a post on Sundays with some of the highlights from the day.  These notes will be mainly for my own benefit but perhaps they may be of use to someone, somewhere, sometime.

Of the many wonderful talks and lessons from today, the one that most resonated with me was that we are responsible for our own happiness.  It is easy to be “reactive” and to allow other people or our circumstances to dictate our emotions.  Instead, we should be “agents” to act and to choose rather than to be acted upon.  We can be happy in the most dire situations if we choose to look for the good, and we can be miserable amidst amazing blessings and prosperity if we do not recognize the good.

By no means is this a comprehensive list, but here are a few ideas for increasing happiness:

  • notice and enjoy the simple things- a sunset, a smile, a flower, etc.
  • begin the day with a victory- get up, read the scriptures, pray, exercise
  • count your blessings; be grateful; pray to see blessings
  • keep the commandments
  • repent; turn to the Lord; rely on the Atonement
  • spend time with family and those that love you
  • love and serve others; forget self
  • attend the temple and worship
  • remember that gospel means “good news”
  • smile more

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