I'm concerned about how my mission companions will take this.

The first part of the issue is that we're not close. With a few of them, I'll make a phone call and I'm pretty sure they'll understand. In some cases, I don't have any current contact info and haven't spoken with them since the mission. Calling them up to tell them anything - let alone discussing same-sex attraction - would be a major effort. Which means that whatever information they get is going to be largely nonspecific and probably without the ability to give lots of context.

The second is that I really, really, don't want them to look back at our relationship and see me in a different light. But I'm realizing that's somewhat out of my control. If we don't have a strong relationship right now, then maybe that's even a blessing - I don't have a lot to lose.

And at least one of my mission buddies is somewhat opposed to the world of being faithful with SSA. He came out a few years after the mission and, around the time of Proposition 8, didn't seem very happy with people who opposed the sanctification of gay marriage. That was before (Gay) Mormon Guy, but I found myself wondering what his response would be if I shared my honest views... and the experiences that brought them to life.

Interesting. Again, I begin writing with a seeming dilemma at hand, and it sorts itself out in a few minutes of text on a screen. That's pretty amazing. And I'm not as concerned anymore.
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