There seems to be an element of frustration, among Mitt Romney supporters, that the American public still do not know who he is -- really know. Meaning: not his political agenda but more his heart -- what makes him tick. And if people really knew Romney's heart they would trust him --  turning more hearts toward choosing him as the next U.S. President.

After all, isn't there something deeply compelling about knowing someone's heart? When we know what motivates an individual, and it is good, we are better able to trust their overall intentions. According to those closest to Mitt Romney, he is a man who is always serving others in very personal, and nonpublic ways and needs to be more open about this very important facet of his life.

I had this odd epiphany while watching an interview expressing this frustration and I immediately realized that this is the same frustration that many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) can relate to in wanting to share the gospel: If people really understood about the restoration of the original Christian church that Christ Himself established during His mortal ministry and the Plan of Salvation they would likely join the Church.

And then I thought, if Mitt Romney, and his frustrated followers, really want people to know more of who he really is, then perhaps he might want to spend the remainder of his campaigning days reaching out in the same way the LDS Church does, by organizing a little community outreach and call it: Mitt's Helping Hands. As one example, why not do a food drive and invite all rally participants to bring donations that could be given to a local charity? Frankly, I can think of many ways over the next 10 days or so that the Romney campaign could make a huge impact by following the example of the LDS Church's example of community outreach: Mormon Helping Hands.

Sidebar: Thinking these thoughts a bit silly, I set this post aside a few days ago until I came across this story, just tonight. It seems as though fate has compelled Romney's team to do exactly what I was thinking he should do, in response to a need for relief on the east coast. Check this out from

Romney Campaign Bus Being Used For Hurricane Relief Efforts
"In a true example of leadership, Mitt Romney has sent his campaign bus to aid in hurricane relief as Hurricane Sandy prepares to slam into the northeast as early as tonight. Donations were being accepted today at the Romney campaign Virginia headquarters. Ann Romney was scheduled to appear in New Hampshire tomorrow, but has canceled plans so resources can be spent helping people affected by the storm."

Although there are no Mitt's Helping Hands signage, as I've suggested, I think that serving the local communities that Romney has scheduled for visits over these last few days on the campaign trail would likely have a much more persuasive effect on swaying potential voters than pretty much anything he might have to say in another political speech.

Update: The Romney campaign is now inviting supporters to donate to disaster relief efforts via the Red Cross. Nice.

Washington Post: Mitt Romney’s Hurricane Sandy plans

Not surprising, I'm already hearing kickback about Romney's efforts to help with hurricane Sandy as simply politically motivated. But can you imagine what 'they' would say if he didn't reach out to do what was in his power? To any true Christian, when they see their brothers and sisters in harms way, and they can in some way help, they will. It's that simple. I think Romney realized that he was in a position to help and that's what he's trying to do with his immediate, available resources. That, too, is what leaders do.


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