The first time I went to the temple before my mission, the temple president gave me some counsel. "If you want to better understand the temple, come back. Often. And if you want to understand it faster, someday become an ordinance worker."

There wasn't a temple in my mission, but when I came back to BYU, I took advantage of the advice I had received from the temple president, and found ways to serve in the temple.

The temple is amazing... for many reasons in my life. One is that it keeps me clean. I can't go to the temple if I'm not doing the right things, and that's a big enough motivation for me to keep me going on the right track. It's also a place where I can serve without needing to stress about whether I'm wanted or making a difference. Everything I do there is worthwhile... and I know exactly what my role is no matter where I am. The other men on the shift have become a support to me as well. More than anything, I love to be able to just be there and know that I belong. It's one of the few places that I feel truly at peace.
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