Today I'll point you to an old post of mine at Times and Seasons on mental illness in the Church and ask for further input here. It's one of the most important issues I faced during my time as bishop of the Appleton Second Ward years ago. It was the area where I had the biggest surprises, and also the biggest miracles. Some of the most dramatic events of my life were in that area, dealing with the generally hidden and painful worlds of pain of those struggling with mental illness, including those who have endured the trauma of abuse.

Mental illness is as real as a broken leg or crushed spleen, but much harder to treat. The support and sympathy provided is typically far less than for someone hit by a car or even an out-of-control shopping cart, because the injury is not easy to see and many of us think it's "just in their head." Sort of like brain cancer is just in your head.

I hope we will be willing to learn more about this area that affects many, many people to varying degrees, and improve our ability to minister with love, the way Christ would if He were here.

If you are aware of good resources and websites that can be especially appropriate for LDS members and leaders to improve our ability to help, please let me know.
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