Anyone who has ever read my blog posts knows that I am conservative in my approach to social issues. Well this post may tarnish that reputation somewhat.

After the horrific events at Sandy Hook Elementary I asked myself a couple of questions. First, what woman would own multiple assault weapons? That is really strange. And second, who would keep multiple assault weapons in a home with a young man who is mentally unstable? That is really, really strange.

Surprisingly I have not heard a single Republican or conservative gun advocate ask these same questions. Not a one! All I’ve heard from gun ownership advocates are ridiculous statements like gun control increases gun crime, or that we should post armed guards at every school – an idea with compliments from the NRA. However, I have heard my questions being asked by liberal leaning politicians and gun control advocates. For instance, Piers Morgan on CNN asked the same questions of a gun ownership advocate Larry Pratt who I assume is Republican leaning. I agreed with much of what Piers said and I find many of the gun advocate’s comments unreasonable. Have a look at the interview below (starting at 4:30).
I joined the army reserves because I like shooting guns and tossing grenades. I’ve done plenty of target shooting and think guns are cool, including assault rifles. I will probably buy a Ruger 10/22 rifle for home protection and teach my kids how to safely fire and handle a firearm. I support concealed carry permits for those who want to pack heat. But I can no longer support private sales of assault weapons. In America you don’t need an AR-freakin-15 for personal protection unless you plan on going to war. Gun hobbyists have a legitimate reason to own assault weapons, but they are going to have to make sacrifices to prevent future mass murders. Here is why.

A classic study in the early 1960s by psychologist Albert Bandura looked at the effects of modeled aggression. Bandura found that children who observed adults acting aggressively (hitting and kicking) a Bobo Doll were more likely to act aggressively and think that such behavior is acceptable. With all of Hollywood’s portrayals of torrid violence and glamorization of assault weaponry, is it any wonder that mentally unstable people are bringing similar scenes to the big screen called reality?

The glamorization of violence and availability of military-style weaponry in our society is a toxic mix. I am sorry to say that something has got to go. I wish the culture of violence and Hollywood’s dramatization of violent murders with military-style weapons would go, but you can’t legislate that sort of thing in a free society. However you can legislate private ownership of assault weapons. It was done before and it needs to be done again. Assault weapons gun control legislation is the lowest apple on the tree. We need to pick it.

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