Meditate upon these things;
give thyself wholly to them;
that thy profiting may appear to all.
(1 Tim. 4:15)

 The part that intrigues me about this verse about meditating on the scriptures is that phrase “give thyself wholly to them.”  I suppose it could be interpreted in several ways.  Undoubtedly some would take it to mean they should spend all their time pondering the gospel and doctrine and studying the scriptures.  I don’t know how long it is possible to ponder the doctrine, but I’ve found that my pride gets involved and I start thinking self-righteous thoughts.  I also become somewhat of a spiritual hypochondriac, so I simply must do other things besides study the scriptures all day. 

I do know that when I study the scriptures and ponder them, I have to give my whole mental and emotional energy to it or I won’t get much from it.  I can’t be too eager to stop or too worried about what I learn or don’t learn.  I have to just lose myself in it. 

When I look at how many things I’ve learned from it (many of which I have written about in my scripture journal and on my blog) it is obvious to me that I have profited from it. 

How do you give yourself “wholly” to your scripture study? What do you think it means to "meditate" on the scriptures?

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