create-lds-orgChurch members from around the world have been sharing their wonderful photos with the Church and hundreds of them have been used in Church magazines, printed products, and websites.

Here’s a personal experience. I took several photos in September while at the open house of the Brigham City Temple with my family. This temple is special to me because I used to live in the adjoining block and my elementary school was on the block where the temple now stands.

Some of the photos I took turned out pretty well, so I submitted them through, and one of my photos was chosen to be published in the In the News section on page 78 of the January Ensign in an article about the dedication of the temple. It makes me feel good that my talents can benefit the Church.

Here’s my photo of the Brigham City LDS Temple:

Brigham Temple Richman Ensign Jan2013

See other member-submitted photos that have been used:

Member-submitted music is also being used:

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  • Find out how you can contribute your music to the Church.

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