i believe podcast video audioI continue to be impressed with the efforts of so many people to find ways to share the gospel of Christ and to find those who are searching for spiritual answers. A friend of mine has begun a new series of audio and video podcasts called the I Believe Podcast at IBelievePodcast.com.

Karen Trifiletti is a Philadelphia-born, second generation Italian, who describes herself as a “perfectly imperfect but graced follower of Christ.” Karen is 1980-convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a mother of two, writer, and business professional.

The podcast series is intended for all interested truth-seekers–agnostics, religiously unaffiliated, spiritual but not religious, and friends of all faiths. It’s personal and real, showing how gospel principles apply to life experiences.

Below is one example of the podcasts: “God Has The Bigger Picture:”

Here are some of my other favorites:

Regular topics at IBelievePodcast.com include insights on Christian living, scriptural devotionals, holiday messages, special features on navigating the challenges of our culture, womanhood, the meaning of life, God’s eternal Plan of Happiness, the Restoration of the Savior’s Church to the earth, interviews, and responses to news.

  • Audio Short: Thirst Quenchers–two-minute audio messages to encourage the spiritually hungry and thirsty.
  • Audio Long: 50-minute audio features with invited guests.
  • Video Short: 5-10 minute video casts on LDS gospel themes, as well as bridge-building videos on general religious topics.
  • Video Long: 50-minute video casts with featured personalities covering a range of themes and gospel concepts and myth-busters.

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