Well, I'm only 1 week late on this first month's game design challenge. It took a lot more than I thought to get a decent game together in one month (yeah, a little more than one month), but hopefully it's enjoyable. Please let me know what you think and any questions you might have. Here's a little about the game:

Moroni's Stealthy Spies (pdf here)
For 2-4 players, age 6 and up, plays in 10-15 minutes

Alma 43:23: But it came to pass, as soon as they had departed into the wilderness Moroni sent spies into the wilderness to watch their camp;

Players take on the role of Nephite spies sent by Captain Moroni to find Lamanite camps and discover their plans.

You will need to provide your own "spies." I use small wooden cubes, but you could use anything that is about the size of a penny or so. You'll need 10 per person playing.

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