family-group-sheetDo you remember years ago going to the Family History Library or the Joseph Smith Memorial Building or even the old building on Richards Street and looking at rows and rows of black binders filled with family group sheets that had been submitted? Now 5,337,178 of those forms can be found online in the Family Group Records Collection, Archive Section, 1942-1969.

I enjoyed looking through the Richman family sheets that were turned in by my parents and grandparents from 1942 to 1969. The majority of the family group records go back many generations and end prior to the 1500′s.

These sheets were submitted for temple ordinances by members of the Church and were kept for years in the library in Salt Lake City. In 1973, the library began filming the sheets. You could order the films, but now they are all available to view online. You’ll need to sign in with your LDS Account. Since the sheets are in alphabetical order by family name then by head of the family, it doesn’t take many clicks to locate the correct family group records.

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