In a previous post I commented on how gay marriage has a more sinister side - to alter the traditional underpinnings of marriage. I think the biggest deception of the gay marriage movement, whether intended or not, is that homosexual couples just want public recognition and acceptance like heterosexual couples. I hear people saying things like, “Letting gays marry does not adversely affect me and my marriage, so let them marry.” The truth of the matter is that many in the gay marriage movement do not just want to redefine marriage, they want to radically alter it.

Here are some possibilities on the horizon.

Minimal marriage: University of Calgary “distinguished” professor Elizabeth Brake supports altering marriage so that it becomes a minimal commitment among any number of partners of whatever sex, where partners conveniently distribute duties.

Small group marriage: New York University “distinguished” professor Judith Stacey hopes that gay marriage will lead to altering marriage so that it allows for “small group marriages.”  

Promiscuity marriages: In “Beyond Same Sex Marriage,” a manifesto from the LGBT movement, 300 advocates want marriage altered so that it allows for multiple partnerships outside of marriage. (Notice the title of the manifesto: Beyond – Same – Sex – Marriage. Promiscuity marriage is what they are going for after they get gay marriage.)

Same-sex marriage advocate Victoria Brownworth happily predicts that same-sex marriage will “weaken the institution of marriage,” and advocate Michelangelo Signorile urges same-sex partners to “demand the right to marry NOT as a way of adhering to society’s moral codes, but rather to debunk a myth and radically alter an archaic institution.”

The Deception
Same-sex marriage is all about homosexuals entering into a loving, lasting, monogamous relationship with one person. They want exactly what heterosexual married couples have, and nothing more.

The Truth
Same-sex marriage is a stepping stone to changing the institution of marriage. It the gay marriage advocates have their way, as they are currently having their way with politicians, there will eventually be a push for a radical alteration of our traditional concepts of marriage and family.

I used to raise an eyebrow whenever I read about how quickly the Nephites turned from righteousness to wickedness in the decades leading up to the Savior’s appearance in the America’s. How could they be so whimsical?, I thought. Well it appears that our society is capable of the same. In just the last 20 years we have gone from fully supporting traditional marriage to being on the verge of accepting gay marriage. When that happens, you know what is coming next: a push for a radical altering of marriage. How long will that take? If we are indeed like the Nephites, no time at all apparently.


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