A lot has happened in my life in the last six months.

In November I went public on (Gay) Mormon Guy with a series of really long posts about my life.

Two days later, I attended a conference sponsored by AMCAP - the Association of Mormon Counselor and Psychotherapists - and FAR - the Foundation for Attraction Research - on finding peace within the gospel. It was my first time meeting a lot of the people I had only known anonymously before.

That afternoon, I went to a photo studio and did my interview for Voices of Hope. I was scared that I wouldn't say the right thing... but I went anyway. It was just me, my feelings, and my experiences.

I told my family in person, via phone, and through email before telling the world, then, after it was live, posted a link to (Gay) Mormon Guy on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and the MBA program's private forum. The reaction from almost everyone was positive - they loved me and wanted me to be happy and continue to find peace in living according to gospel principles.

A few days later, the Church released the site mormonsandgays.org - a video montage of people finding hope and faith through following the gospel of Jesus Christ. This was huge.

A few months later, the Church's resource site for same-gender attraction (under gospel topics) was released with links to new resources and affirming the Church's stance on homosexual attractions vs activity.

In the media, there have been suicides, other coming out stories (across the spectrum), the Boy Scouts issue, Supreme Court cases, companies that were blacklisted for supporting marriage...

Then the Church released a new set of scriptures, and in the gospel study helps, there is again the clear distinction between homosexual attractions and activity (something that was more easily misinterpreted in the past).

And, most recently, Voices of Hope went live, sharing the first group of essays and interviews of people who are finding peace and hope.

And I probably missed a bunch of things. Wow. A lot has happened.
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