family-historyWhere do you go for help with family history?

The best one-on-one help is from your ward and stake family history consultants or go to a FamilySearch Center.

But there are resources online to help you with your family history work as well.

FamilySearch Forums ( is a place to ask questions and get help from others.

FamilySearch Research Wiki ( is a popular resource with nearly 70,000 articles. It is a great resource for research questions, mostly for more advanced genealogists.

Research Communities on Facebook is a list of 110 FamilySearch Facebook pages where you can get help with your research from consultants and center staff who specialize in a specific country or state. There are pages for all 50 states and nearly 60 countries. 15 are non-English. Page moderators are needed if you want to volunteer.

Research Communities on Skype is a list of dozens of communities to help you and others researching in the same area. Skype moderators are needed so volunteer if you’d like to help

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