July Ensign cover Sharing the Gospel Using the InternetIn December 2007, Elder M. Russell Ballard gave a commencement address at BYU-Hawaii in which he encouraged members to use the Internet to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their friends and others around the world.

That talk was then adapted and published in the Ensign as “Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet” and was the subject of the cover of the July 2008 issueHere is a summary of that article. Here is the article translated into various languages.

Elder Ballard called the Internet the modern day equivalent of the printing press and he urged members to join in that conversation via the Internet. He said, “Words create conversation, and conversations create understanding … In many cases, it is with words that you will accomplish the great things you will now set out to do.”

Below is a video of Elder Ballard’s talk at BYU-Hawaii.

Below the video is a wordle (word cloud) that shows the  frequency of the words Elder Ballard used in that talk. The frequency of use determines the word size. The worlde is from MormonCharts.com.

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