Ok, this is getting a little out of hand. I’ve now found nearly two dozen videos made by LDS youth groups based on the song “What Makes You Beautiful.” Refer to the 4 articles listed below and the several videos embedded in this article.

After you watch a video, click the YouTube logo in the bottom right of the video so you can go to YouTube and click Like. Then you can also leave a comment. These actions make videos more popular on YouTube so they will be more likely to be seen by others. Here’s a list of other member-created videos I’ve shared. If you find other videos you think I should share, post a comment.

Acoma Ward Youth Lip Dub 2012 – “What Makes You Beautiful:” LDS Acoma Ward Youth in Lake Havasu, AZ. Choreographed and filmed in 1 hour for their combined activity.

WTM YM What Makes You Beautiful: White Tank Mountain Young Men “singing” to their young women for their Young Women in Excellence. They only had 3 hours to shoot and limited equipment. However, their amazing young men stepped up to the challenge!

YW Beautiful Feb 2013: The Young Men of the Logandale 5th Ward let the young women of their ward know what makes they beautiful to the music of One Direction and The Piano Guys. Bishop Vaughn Evans expresses his love for the Young Women and then young men jump out and in the midst of scripture study, service projects, and having fun in Moapa Valley take time out to tell the young women “You’re Beautiful!”

The West Mt 4th Ward Young Men: The Young Men of the West Mountain 4th ward lip-sing to One Direction’s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful.” This video is dedicated to the West Mountain 4th ward Young Women to make sure they know they are beautiful!

What Makes You Beautiful- Glendora YM: Glendora Stake Young Men 2012

Hurricane 15th Young Men – What Makes You Beautiful:

Mesa Oaks YM-One Direction: Mesa Oaks Ward Lompoc CA Young Men’s video of One Direction’s: That’s What Makes You Beautiful

Woodland Hills Ward What Makes You Beautiful: The Young Women of the Woodland Hills Ward are Beautiful.

What Makes you Beautiful LDS: This is an LDS parody music video from a bunch of guys in the ward who wanted to tell the girls in their ward that they are beautiful. They then posted it on YouTube to tell every girl in the world that they are beautiful.

LDS Syracuse 5th Ward What Makes You Beautiful: LDS Syracuse 5th Ward Young Women Leaders Parody of What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

What Makes You Spiritual

What Makes You Beautiful-LDS Version

Young Men in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Ward sent this special greeting to the beautiful Young Women in the ward.

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