I have long conversations with my next guest blogger, Michelle Linford, of Mormon Women: Who We Are, and usually late at night. I highly respect and admire the good that this LDS woman does online, to honor women and support the work of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I've had the pleasure of meeting Michelle on one of my trips up to Utah, for General Conference. She's one of 'those people' that you instantly feel like you've known all your life, in like, five minutes. It's a pleasure to honor Michelle Linford, for her valiant service in strengthening the daughters of God, and continually placing before them those things that are of great worth to all women, as they journey toward their eternal home.

My friend, and sister in Christ, Michelle Linford...

The Bible Dictionary tells us that only the home can compare with the temple in sacredness. To me, that suggests that nowhere in the world is the potential for channeling and experiencing God's power the same as in the temple and in our homes

That has been my experience, and experiencing His power has often come in simple (sometimes even mundane) moments. For example, I have felt God's power when:

- I had very sick children (a severe and persistent stomach bug -- my nemesis!), and the Spirit whispered something akin to, "There is nothing more important that you could be doing than caring for your child right now."

- I take the time to make a meal and gather my family around the table for dinner and dinner conversation. (I call this our little gathering of Israel!)

- I learned about food storage and how to bake bread. I don't make it very often, but it felt good to learn a skill that can benefit my family in a temporal way.

- I look at a child eye-to-eye and just listen.

- I tuck my kiddos in at night. (Thus far, they haven't outgrown that. I hope they never do. I was moved when my husband recently told our teenage son that he wished his mom would still come tuck him in. Do we ever really outgrow the need for a mother?)

- I teach and learn and listen when we discuss the gospel together -- sometimes in those fleeting moments during the day (the ones that sometimes I miss when I'm too busy!)

- I laugh and play and work and walk and talk with my children.

- I stop to enjoy sunsets and stargazing and cuddle time and council time and....

(What are some of the things on your list?)

In a world continuously urging women to look and lean outside the home for fulfillment and influence and power, I'm grateful that our doctrine and the Spirit continually remind me that "There is eternal influence and power in motherhood" (-Julie B. Beck, "Mothers Who Know").


Michelle is a wife and mom of three. Before marriage and motherhood blessed her life, she served a mission, got a B.S. in Psychology and an MBA (Organizational Behavior emphasis), and worked as a business consultant. She's been grateful to be a stay-at-home mom since her first child was born. Her hobbies include volunteering on a college advisory board and as managing editor of mormonwoman.org.


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