In the last LDS General Conference, Elder L. Whitney Clayton reminded us that “there are no secrets about relevant matters in marriages based on mutual respect and transparency. Husbands and wives make…decisions…together, and both have access to all information.”

He went on to say that “Loyalty is a form of respect. Prophets teach that successful marriage partners are ‘fiercely loyal’ to each other. They keep their social media use fully worthy in every way. They permit themselves no secret Internet experiences. They freely share with each other their social network passwords. They do not look at the virtual profiles of anyone in any way that might betray the sacred trust of their spouse. They never do or say anything that approaches the appearance of impropriety, either virtually or physically. Watch and learn: terrific marriages are completely respectful, transparent, and loyal.”

What ways have you found helpful to be sure that social media doesn’t strain a marriage relationship? Please leave a comment below.

Read Elder Clayton’s full talk “Marriage: Watch and Learn” or watch it below.

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