A new Church website titled “Hastening the Work of Salvation: A Unified Effort in Conversion, Retention, and Activation” is now available at HasteningTheWork.lds.org.

The site was launched in conjunction with Sunday’s broadcast “The Work of Salvation.

The site provides information and helps for priesthood leaders, for ward councils and ward mission leaders, and for members and missionaries. It also helps youth know how they can best prepare for and participate in the work of salvation as they serve in the priesthood, receive temple ordinances, and accept calls as full-time missionaries.



The website HasteningTheWork.lds.org has 20 videos to help us understand how members, leaders, and the missionaries work together in this Work of Salvation.

There is also a link for youth that takes them to the youth website “My Role in the Work of Salvation” where they’ll find personal study guides to help them prepare to receive the priesthood (Aaronic and Melchizedek), prepare to receive temple ordinances, and prepare to serve full-time missions.

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