I received an email this morning giving the exciting news of horse bones being found in Carlsbad, California that predate the arrival of Spaniards in the area. Could the horses be evidence of pockets of ancient American horses that were on the continent before the Spaniards arrived? That's a topic of interest in Book of Mormon studies. Just part of a random Nephite herd ;)? Or were they from an earlier unrecorded Spanish incursion into California or otherwise resulting from European sources? I don't know, but I'm disappointed that the story in the email was dated August 6, 2013, when that's just the email date. The email also fails to give the source of the story. The actual story is from 2005, making it old news. See "Centuries-old bones of horses unearthed in Carlsbad." It is interesting, but I would be more interested in knowing what has been learned since this tantalizing outlier was found and whether and of the initial guesses and radiocarbon dating still hold up. Any of you have follow-up information? My searching on the topic was unproductive and time is short today.
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