This video “EFY Girls *Official* (California Gurls Parody)” was made by a member as a parody of California Gurls.

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I know a place
Where they like to study scriptures
All singles here
You better look good cuz there’s pictures
Sippin chocolate milk
The guys are sittin waitin anxiously
When the girls walk up
You feel like you just won the lottery

(Pre Chorus)
You know we keep the high standards
If you’re a single guy go to EFY
Once you see all the ladies
You’ll be falling in love

Man those EFY girls are so beautiful
Modesty from bottom to top
Who’s my C.O.W.? So many girls to choose from

Man those EFY girls are so wonderful
Gorgeous on the inside and out
Mormons represent! Now put your hands up!

Sent from above
They resemble heaven’s angels
Man, is this love?
I think my soul is now entangled

(Pre Chorus)

So I like to start off with something simple
Like, “Hey, what’s your name, and your favorite temple?
Is your toothbrush pink? Is your cat’s name Kevin?
Did it really hurt when you fell from heaven?”
Gotta love Alma, all those wars
Hey I lost my phone number, can I have yours?
Wanna go out? Just tell me when
Is love at first sight or should I walk by again?
Do you want another hug? Well I guess 3′s good
Tell me: Would ya like to hold the priesthood?
Are you tired? That’s super powers
You’ve been runnin through my mind for the last 8 hours
In all these weeds, you’re the flower
If beauty is a castle, you’re the tallest tower
Girl you rock it! Just go show me
How strong is your testimony?
Finer than the fine tip of a pencil
Sharper spiritually than the power of ten cyl-
-Lindars, cuz she endures way to the end
I’m so freakin glad she’s my facebook friend!

EFY Girls
EFY-Y Girls
EFY Girls
EFY-Y Girls
We love you efy girls!

Instrumental from punkprincess01

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