I got a letter today addressed from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I was bracing myself for rejection... since the last time I opened a letter like this was for Stanford.

No rejection. Just a congratulations and invitation to move on to round 2 of the audition - a music skills and theory test.

Ironically, this morning I called the choir office to see when they were sending out letters. Their answer, before I could ask, was that they were sent out yesterday. The mail came early today.

It was so early that when I followed the directions and called to reserve a loaner copy of the textbook used for the test, the people at the choir office were taken aback. Yes, I did get my letter today. The postman may sometimes mix up my address, but this one was definitely right.

As a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir I think you're set apart as a missionary for the Church - to share the gospel through music. You know the feeling when you're putting in your mission papers and going through the pieces before they issue a call? That's my feeling right now. I hope they call me on a mission.

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