Tonight was one of my most memorable evenings in China with a sold-out performance of Handel's Messiah in Shanghai's premier concert hall at the majestic Shanghai Oriental Arts Center in PuDong. A number of church choirs and musicians came together to create one of the best performances I can remember. With superb direction, the voices of the choir and the soloists were crisp and clear. The excellent acoustics must have helped as well. The beauty of the performance made it much easier to contemplate what Handel had achieved in this musical testimony of the Savior. How marvelous that this performance was not only allowed by the government, but that it was sold-out, with an audience overwhelmingly composed of Chinese people. I hope some of them were brought closer to the majesty of Jesus Christ through this sublime experience.

I don't think there were any advertisements for this very religious program. I am guessing that publicity was largely through word of mouth. Many thanks to the performers and the organizers who made this possible. A beautiful, majestic evening. 

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