Netflix has produced a movie, or rather a documentary, about the 2012 election campaign of Mitt Romney simply titled: MITT.

The Washington Post reports, "For six years, Romney was trailed by a single documentary filmmaker named Greg Whiteley. Whiteley's now turned his footage into a film, and it's being released as "Mitt" on Netflix Jan. 24.

The Mitt Netflix trailer alone will tug at your heart, especially if you still grieve for the loss of America's one opportunity to have Mitt Romney as President of the United States. As most know, and which I heard firsthand only a few months ago, Ann Romney, put through the ringer herself, has made it clear that there won't be another presidential campaign for her family, ever!

Mitt Romney is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, however, I believe him to be a man of integrity - an attribute sadly lacking in too many who currently hold high ranking positions in government, granted by mainstream America. And I suppose that was likely the most disheartening realization at the conclusion of Mitt Romney's 2012 election campaign.

For many members of the LDS Church just the thought of having Mitt Romney, a Mormon, as the President of the United States, was almost too much to fathom - but the hope was there and the ultimate defeat devastating! At the time, I was so concerned about many of the member reactions I was reading online, and hearing from some close to me, that I addressed it in this post: Mormons in Mourning: Post Election Depression.

I think it will do well for many who respect Mitt Romney to have America see the genuine side of him, and his family, which the liberal media was successful at overshadowing and distorting during the campaign. It may not change what is, but it might help set the record straight about who Romney is and what Mitt Romney is not; "a flipping Mormon".

Netflix Movie Trailer: Mitt
(Behind the scenes look at the 2012 presidential campaign of Mitt Romney)


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Photo: Screenshot from Netflix trailer, MITT.

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