A friend of ours, a brave, faithful, and well educated businessman from Ukraine, has asked his friends here in Shanghai to pray for Ukraine. He and his family have wept over the news coming from his homeland, including the senseless shooting of many citizens who committed no crime but simply showed up to voice their protest over the corruption of their government. When I spoke with him, he was particularly moved by the account of a farmer who came into town to speak out and was shot by one of the dictator's gunmen.

Those whose rule is based on force and corruption are made nervous by the events in Ukraine, where a great many people are no longer willing to endure corruption and criminality among their top leaders. May they succeed in improving their lot and casting out corrupt politicians who rob, oppress, and kill to grab power and wealth.  

I pray that Ukraine may swiftly shake off the corruption that has worn it down so long, and that it may rise with less oppression and a greater degree of liberty for the people. Parliament has taken some bold steps in the past few hours, but so much hangs in the balance. May good come out of this and may the bloodshed cease. 

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