tweet-ldsconf-1Every six months, social media explodes with activity around LDS General Conference. Join the conversation this weekend with these 19 must-follow accounts and trends from around the web.

See the list compiled by LDS Living.

“When a small group of members and onlookers met together for the very first official conference of the Church nearly 184 years ago, they probably never imagined the enormity of the worldwide event we all look forward to every six months.

“And they certainly never could have imagined the global gathering we all experience through the internet and social media during these two days.

“With so many people talking about #LDSConf (enough that it globally trends on Twitter every April and October without fail) in such a short amount of time, taking it all in can be daunting.”

Read LDS Living’s #LDSConf Cheat Sheet with accounts and hashtags you ought to follow while enjoying conference this weekend.

Notice that they named at #4 and Larry Richman at #14.

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