The home page of continues to evolve and today has some changes in design and content. After months of testing, changes have been made to make the site more engaging and especially to make it more friendly for mobile.

1. Featured Content

The major features on the page appear in 3 large boxes. Secondary features appear directly under the large boxes. This provides 7 feature content areas at the top of the page, making it easier to see what’s important.


Quick links are found directly below the featured content. These let you quickly access some of the most-desired content, like the First Presidency Message,, and your stake and ward directories.

2. Prophets and Apostles Speak Today
The previous section titled “Prophets and Apostles Speak Today” is gone. Instead of having a single section with the prophetic word in the right-hand column, teachings from the prophets and apostles will be found throughout the home page. To view past prophetic messages, look under the Teachings menu at the top of the page and click Prophets and Apostles.


3. Inspiring Messages
Find great shareable content to uplift yourself and others in the “Inspiring Messages” section. In the right margin, you can also find links to inspiring videos, uplifting experiences, and daily messages and memes built to be shared on social media.


4. The Church Today
This new section gives you the latest on what’s happening in the Church around the world. Links on the side allow you to find more information in the Church News & Events, Mormon Newsroom, and other trusted sources.

5. Have You Seen This?
This section highlights interesting new products and helpful resources that are available from the Church. In the right margin, you can find links to other Church products and resources in which you may also be interested.

homepage-56. Footer
The footer of the home page includes a map that lets you easily update your location and language preferences and gives access to country communication pages. It also gives quick access to other Church websites, apps, and social media sites.



Also see the page Why Is the Home Page Different?

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