teach-childrenI would love to hear your ideas about a home-centered approach for teaching the gospel, with Church programs playing a support role.

We are taught that “the home is the basis of a righteous life and no other instrumentality can take its place.” That means that parents have the primary responsibility for teaching their children the gospel in the home. The role of the Church is to help strengthen the family, but not to replace the family. Unfortunately, many parents rely on the Church too much to teach the gospel to their children.

Imagine for a moment. What if you lived in a country where it was dangerous or prohibited to meet for 3 hours on Sunday? Assume you could only meet for a few minutes and administer the sacrament, then you went home. You were responsible for all teaching and training for your children. There was no Sunday School, no Young Men or Young Women meetings, no Primary, and no mutual or any other weekday meeting or activity.

What would you do for your children? How would you teach them? How would you help them learn to apply gospel principles in their lives?

How would you structure Sundays in your home? Without hours of church meetings on Sundays, how would you keep children, teens, and adults in your home engaged in meaningful things that are appropriate for the Sabbath?

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