July 20-21, 2014, volunteers from around the world joined together in a worldwide indexing event to set an international record for the largest number of indexing participants in a single day. The goal was to have 50,000 contributors in a 24 hour period, but 66,511 people actually participated. In fact, so many participated that the FamilySearch servers couldn’t keep up at times.

Here are the results:

  • Indexed: 4,682,746
  • Arbitrated: 941,932
  • Total Records Processed: 5.7 million

Those who participated really made a difference. Each record and each name indexed matters. It only takes one to open the door to linking generations of families together. Without question, thousands of lives will be changed as a result of this effort.

Did you participate in this historic event? If so, print or share online the image below to let your friends know you helped make history! The badge is also available in other languages.

FamilySearch wants to hear from you! Share your event day experience by emailing it to

And keep indexing. More names and stories—especially from obituaries—are ready to be indexed by you and discovered by researchers worldwide. One volunteer, one document, one name can make all the difference to someone looking for his or her family.

New indexers can visit to learn more about how to join the FamilySearch indexing effort.


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