mobile_banking_appMobile phones can contain a lot of personal information. Lost or stolen devices can be used to gather information about you and potentially others.

Protect your phone like you protect your computer.

Here are 3 quick tips from to keep your mobile phone secure:

  1. Secure your phone. Use a strong passcode to lock your phone. I know, it’s a hassle. But think of the apps you have open on your phone and the damage a stranger could do with access to those apps. Remember that when you minimize an app, it keeps running.
  2. Think before you download an app. Review the privacy policy and understand what data (location, access to your social networks, and so on) the app can access on your device before you download it.
  3. Give your mobile number only to people you know and trust, and never give anyone else’s number without that person’s permission.

See for more great ideas on keeping your mobile device safe.

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