support-spouses-addictionThe Church has created a new online guide to help spouses and families affected by a loved one’s addictive behaviors. The guide provides help, hope, and healing.

The Spouse and Family Support Guide helps spouses and family members personally heal from challenges they experience from the addictive behaviors of their loved ones involving drugs, alcohol, pornography, and other harmful substances or practices. The guide is part of the Addiction Recovery Program website (

While the Addiction Recovery Program provides a 12-step recovery program for those struggling with addictions, this guide for spouses and family members is split into the following 12 sections focused on healing, increasing hope, and finding strength through Jesus Christ:

  1. God Will Console Us
  2. Shake Off the Chains
  3. He Will Take Upon Him Their Pain
  4. Draw Near Unto Me
  5. Working Out Our Own Salvation
  6. Bear One Another’s Burdens
  7. In Everything Give Thanks
  8. Be Firm and Steadfast
  9. We Have Renounced Dishonesty
  10. Lift Up the Hands that Hang Down
  11. Bear All These Things with Patience
  12. My Peace I Give Unto You

Each section contains gospel principles, practical suggestions for applying those principles, and resources for further gospel study.  The guide can be used for personal study, in spouse and family support group meetings, or by Church leaders when counseling.


The guide explains that just as those who have addictions need the Savior Jesus Christ to find freedom from addiction, spouses and family members also need His healing power to be free from despair and to be strengthened to bear their trials.

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