studentDid you know that you can get a bachelors degree for under $10,000 while staying near your home?

Pathway is a low-cost educational opportunity that combines online courses with local gatherings. You can gain valuable skills that will serve you throughout your life. The cost is only $65 per credit hour.

The Pathway program was introduced in 2009 by BYU-Idaho, known for innovative education. The program has now grown to thousands of students in dozens of locations worldwide. The program offers both academic and religion classes, partnering with existing institutes of religion.

pathway-student-groupThe program is available to members of the Church and students of BYU-Idaho. You need access to a computer and the Internet. You also need to commit to attend the local academic gatherings. There is no application fee. No ACT or SAT test requirement. No admissions essays. Register for fall semester by August 25.

After you complete Pathway, you can move on to the BYU-Idaho online degree program or to a local college or tech school. In addition to an associate or bachelors degree, you can also get professional certificates.

Pathway may be the way for you to continue your education, or perhaps you know someone who could benefit from it.

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