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The first section shows major events that took place in the lives of pioneers before and after they survived the trek to Salt Lake City. The graphic shows the timeline of the lives of two women whose lives spanned a 200-year period.

  • The first woman highlighted, Mary Ann Pulver Van Leuven, was approximately 84 when she crossed the plains. Before embarking on the journey west, she witnessed everything from the Declaration of Independence to the first Saints leaving Nauvoo and following Brigham Young to Utah.
  • The second woman, Hilda Anderson, trekked across the United States as a young girl. She lived to be 100 years old and had the opportunity to watch the wonders of the 19th century unfold. Hilda was alive from the time of the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad to the first successful human mission to space.

The next section of the infographic shows a day in the life of a pioneer traveling with a wagon train. The pioneers had a schedule throughout the day in order to accomplish everything they needed to do. They had to make all their food from scratch and plan for accidents or wagon repairs.

The last section of the infographic is a Then and Now comparison.

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