Lindsey-Stirling-LDSface2faceLindsey Stirling answered questions from youth on modesty, her mission, self-worth, and finding balance in her busy life Tuesday night in a live LDS Face-to-Face event. Question poured in from youth from around the world that poured in via Facebook, Instagram, and video.

Lindsey is a dancing, hip-hop violinist and YouTube success, who answered questions about how to uphold standards in the entertainment business, how to achieve your goals in life, and how to have a sense of self-worth when you feel like you are failing.

Lindsey was candid both about the anorexia that once plagued her and the fears she sometimes feels with so many eyes upon her and how she gained confidence.

This was the second of four live Face-to-Face youth events sponsored by the Church.

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If you missed Tuesday’s live event, you can watch it below:

Here is Lindsey’s famous “Crystallize” video, which has been watched over 108 million times:

Here’s Lindsey’s “I am a Mormon” video:


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