A list of recent items (with links) I have been made aware of which may be of interest to those who are into Ancient Studies, Biblical Studies, Archaeology and related topics.


Robert Hinckley, Adam, Aaron, and the Garden Sanctuary

Yona Sabar, The Book of Daniel in a Neo-Aramaic Translation

Clinton Chisholm, “The Bible, Scholars, and Scholarly Crap”

Dieter Roth, Chris Keith, Mark, Manuscripts and Monotheism: Essays in Honor of Larry W. Hurtado

Chris Mooney, “Science Explains Parting of Red Sea”

Benjamin Ivry, “Reconsidering Louis Ginzberg’s Legendary ‘Legends of the Jews'”

James Charlesworth, “Has Lost Gospel Been Found Proving Jesus Married Mary of Migdal?

R. Timothy McLay, The Temple in Text and Tradition: A Festschrift in Honour of Robert Hayward

Qumran/Second Temple Judaism:

Michael Stone, Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls: New Developments and Insights

Annette Yoshiko Reed, “Revealed Literature in the Second Century B.C.E.: Jubilees, 1 Enoch, Qumran, and the (Pre)History of the Biblical Canon”

Annette Yoshiko Reed, “Interrogating ‘Enochic Judaism': 1 Enoch as Evidence for Intellectual History, Social Reality, and Literary Tradition”

Pieter B. Hartog, “Pesher as Commentary”

Annette Yoshiko Reed, “Heavenly Ascent, Angelic Descent, and the Transmission of Knowledge in 1 Enoch 6–16″

Andrei A. Orlov, Divine Scapegoats: Demonic Mimesis in Early Jewish Mysticism

Ancient Studies:

Online Egyptological Bibliography

Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections

Sheldon Pollock, et al., World Philology

Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History


Massive Ancient Underground City Discovered in Turkey

Top Ten Biblical Archaeology Discoveries in 2014

Hittite Rock Inscription in Bolkar Mountain to Be Taken under Protection

The Most Intriguing Archaeological Discoveries of 2014

Scientists Discover Oldest Stone Tool Ever Found in Turkey

Israel Antiquities Authority Archaeological Dig Reports

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